Sunday, January 18, 2009

We Really Like This Place

What a great place this is. We have been looking for a spot like this for a while. Today was such a lovely day! It's 7:30 p.m., and the window is still open and we are wearing shorts. The steak we cooked outside was great. HEB had a sale on T-Bones, 3.99 a lb. We got a couple of big ones. One is enough for both of us. With a salad made from fresh local veggies and some fried potatoes--yum yum.
Yesterday was a good day for a trip to Mexico. New eye glasses are what's on the agenda. We wanted to find out how much they charge. The exams will be free. Maybe Saturday wasn't such a good day to go. Next time will be during the week. I have an idea now what I would like to purchase. One thing that surprised me was the marshmallows. They have the the size of a fist. HUGE! They would be so good over the fire. It's too bad we won't be home till July. They'll go bad by then. I might get some tequila. They have all kinds. I am also looking for some silver earrings. Maybe with some turquoise. We'll see.
The other day was flea market day. They have a great one in Donna. No sooner did we get there than we ran in to Everett Stone. He was and Carol were volunteering at CARE with us. There is a bike repair place at the market, and he was getting his bike fixed. They are staying with friends at the park near the market. We did a lot of walking, not much buying. I bought a pair of crocs, and if we go back I'll get some more. I picked up a few pair of earrings, and not much else. After we left there, we went to the produce market. I like to get juice oranges. I also got some grapefruit. Everything is delicious.
At this moment we are watching the football game in Pittsburgh. It is snowing and cold. Of course the Eagles lost. Oh well, one team from PA. is OK. It's only just starting the second half so I shouldn't count my chickens. The weather has been so awful up north. We feel really bad for them, but we're really glad to be here.
Today Tom received an e-mail back from friends that are planning a get-together of the 2007 class. We haven't seen most of the folks for about a year now. The plans are to meet the middle of March near San Antonio. It'll be good to see our friends again. But right now we are content to just be here in the sun and warmth and meet some new friends and get to know the area better. We'll just sit back and count our blessings. And blessed we sure are.

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