Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Blessing Hotel

In one word...DEEEELICIOUS!! As you will see from the pictures, this is an old building. It is still rented out as apartments and rooms. You can see the old front desk and the mail cubbies. There are old pictures on the walls, and old oil cloth on the floor. The furniture is old mixed with more up to date items like TVs. The best part is the meals. Today I ate the best stuffing ever. There was also turkey, roast beef, fried chicken, ham, cabbage with ham, salad, corn bread (it wouldn't be Texas if they didn't have corn bread), home made yeast dinner rolls, greens beans made with bacon and tiny white potatoes, creamed corn, mashed potatoes, yams, and some other veggies. Add some potato salad and other fixin's, and you get a really full tummy. You walk into the dining room, pay the cashier, pick up a plate, and go to the stove. Everything is in the pot it was cooked in. You just scoop it out onto the plate. You can go back for more, but they want you to use a clean plate. Then you go sit at tables that may have other folks there. Some tables are long, some are round. Tom and I were really taken with the place. Will we go back? You betcha! Next time thru this part of the country, we'll stop to eat for sure. You don't need reservations. Just go, eat, and enjoy. The dessert was in little bowls. Some kind of peachy something, and a spice cake. They know you only need a little bit after you have the meal.
After we left the Hotel we drove around town. Almost everyone here has a smoker. Some are larger than others. Blessing is a poor little Texas town. You can still see some hurricane damage. Though Blessing is west of the worst hit, it doesn't take much to blow down some of these places. We have a lot to be thankful for.
We're off tomorrow for Rockport. We just keep going south. The cold front came through. When I started talking to my Mom it was 78. During the conversation the temp started to drop. By the time we hung up, it was down in the 60's and still dropping. Now we have the electric heater going and I have on a sweatshirt. Some rain is expected tomorrow. We don't have far to travel, so we don't have to rush. I like this not rushing stuff.

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