Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Mission, Texas

Finally we found the weather we have been waiting for. We love the palm trees, and the sun warming our insides. This morning was pretty chilly when we got up, but by lunch time, we were driving around with the windows open. I'm really not complaining. I know how cold it is up north. The "resort" we are in is named Sleepy Valley Resort. It is located on the west end of Mission in the Rio Grande Valley. The folks here have been very friendly so far, and welcomed us right away. Of all things, we couldn't locate our sewer connection. We had ladies walking around looking for the white cap. The ground is covered with some kind of grassy type vine. Someone finally found it. From what we understand, we have to cut our own grass. That's a first for us. The info they gave us when we checked in told us that mowers are available for our use. They sight isn't as big as some, but bigger than some others. There is some concrete, and some gravel, so there really isn't much to cut.
A stop at the HEB grocery store was a must. The fridge is now full. I have to get used to this cooking thing again. We have to find out where the good fruit stands are. I love fresh squeezed orange juice. Grapefruit is a favorite also. Can't wait for it. They have some huge flea markets here. We love going to them and just walking around. We never seem to buy much, but really enjoy going.
We plan a trip to Mexico in the next day or so. We'll cross over in Progresso. Maybe get together with some friends, and find some other SKPs out there. They have gatherings a few times a month. Anyone out there, give us hit in the comments at the end of the blog entry.

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Jim and Bobbie said...

Made note of your campground. Looks beautiful and reasonably priced. We're paying $435 here at Sumter Oaks. Weather very cold last 2 weeks. Going to DisneyWorld tomorrow. Nice to be here with so many classmates. See you in San Antonio in March.