Thursday, January 8, 2009

At the Beach

For the last 2 days we've gone to the beach. Yesterday was cooler than today. You didn't really need a jacket, but it was nice that we didn't wear shorts. Today was much warmer. We took lunch, folding chairs, and something to read. Lots of RVs park on the beach overnight. Someday we will when it's warmer. It would be great if Ed and Hazel could be with us. I have visions of setting up together, getting out the margarator, or maybe some wine. I don't drink it myself, but they do and so does Tom. We could maybe have some shrimp and crab legs. What a fun time that would be. Just sitting watching and listening to the water and the bird life.Yesterday on the ferry we saw a dolphin swimming next to us in the channel. Cool. Today no luck.
I don't think I mentioned we are in Rockport at the Western Horizons campground. It is really nice here. We are very happy with the spot we have. Out the front window is a great view of the "lake" here. Every morning we have blue herons, egrets, ducks, and today we even had a white pelican. Tom has taken some pics that I haven't seen yet, but I know are great. We really like this place, and if we had not made reservations in Mission, we would be staying for another week.
Tomorrow may bring bad weather, so we have no specific plans. There is always something do do here.

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