Friday, January 23, 2009

Good Food New Friends

Last Friday we went to the local Elks lodge for fish fry. You could have your choice of battered or cornbread. We chose battered. There was also french fries, cole slaw, stuffing, and drinks. Everything was pretty good, but some of the fish was in the fryer too long. Tom and I enjoyed it, but some of the folks didn't care for it and said they won't be back. To each his own. They also have prime rib night once a month. You have to have reservations for that. Folks just kept coming in the door. We were leaving and there was still a line.
Every Monday here at Sleepy Valley they have a pot luck. Not everyone goes, but we met some really nice folks. The food was excellent. Just enough entrees and veggies vs desserts. After the meal there is always game time. I had taken my dice to play Farkle. We had 12 folks who wanted to learn how to play. Man, trying to keep score for 12 isn't easy. Tom sat at one end, and I sat at the other. Lois, the activities director already knew how to play. We had a really good time. Some want the rules and Tom printed some copies to give out. We played 2 games and called it quits. By that time it was 10:00 and time to close up.
The next night we went up to the clubhouse for some entertainment. It was $5 each to listen to Vance Greek and the Deep River Boys. They were fantastic. Four guys from Rio Hondo, which means deep river, came to sing some gospel, some country, and some hymns. It was a variety of very good music. Before we knew it, they were finishing up. If they come again while we are here we'll go hear them. There is entertainment every Tues. and Thurs. The price varies from $3 to $5. Not bad!
Yesterday we went to the Golden Coral in Weslaco to have lunch with Chapter 19 from Escapees. The buffet was terrific. All kinds of good stuff to eat. The folks were great, and gave out lots of SKP hugs. They have a long list of activities. Vicky has it all planned out, and they have an outing nearly every week. The next one is to the zoo, and on to a historical mansion, then another place. In February they plan to take a river cruise. We are thinking of going to that. They are a very active group, and if we keep coming back to the valley, we may join the group.
There is always something to do in the area. We could be out 7 days a week if we wanted. There is always a flea market open or some kind of festival, and SKPs meetings. And of course, there is always Mexico. What fun we are having. What a life.

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