Monday, January 26, 2009

Another Great Pot Luck.

Tonight, being Monday, was pot luck night. I thought I had some hamburger, but didn't. So I took out chicken breast and made some elbow macaroni, cooked the chicken, and mixed it all up with some sauce. It really wasn't to bad. There is only about one helping left so I guess it went over well. I asked why there aren't more folks attending. The nice lady I sat next to said too many people go out to eat. It's too much trouble to cook. I hope I never get that way. I really like to cook.
Tomorrow we are traveling to Pepe's On The River to meet some friends from the Class of 2007. That's our Escapees group. We haven't met most of the class who are here in the valley.It will be great to meet them. Some say it's a terrific place, some say not so. We'll make up our own minds.
Yesterday we went to church here at the park. About 200 come every Sunday. The preacher is really nice and add lots of humor to his message. During the sermon he referred to us as Q-tips. You know----white hair-white shoes. Everyone laughed. We really have had a great time here, and are looking forward to many more.

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