Saturday, January 3, 2009

Blessing, Tx.

Tom and I arrived here on Tuesday afternoon. The plan was to just veg out and recharge our bodies. That we have done! We have been watching TV and lots of movies. Today is the first day that our satellite dish has worked. There are lots of trees here. We are in Chapparel RV Park. There isn't much to do, but that was the plan. Blessing is a wee small town, but has a great place to eat. At least that's what we hear from most RVers. Tomorrow we'll find out. I'll let you all know how it goes.
Yesterday we drove into Palacious. It is known around these parts as the Shrimp Capitol of the World. We took some pictures of the shrimp boats in the bay. I couldn't believe how big they are, or how many there are. We didn't get any shrimp, we are saving that for Rockport next week. We made the assumption that they have mostly wholesale businesses. In Rockport we can get it fresh off the boat.
Today was also laundry day. The laundry room is nothing to brag about, but it got the job done. It took us the better part of the middle of the day. We didn't want to take the time to do that job before we left Livingston. Man, we love that place. We have met so many good friends there. This year Hazel and I played games with some of the ladies. When other volunteers came they played, too. Last year we were much to busy to have so much fun. The new volunteer coordinator is doing a great job. Hats off to Dan. He has made being there so easy. We'll go back for sure.
Another thing happened while we were there. Tom joined the elks. He was initiated in Huntsville, but is a member of Gillette, Wy. It took some doing, but it got done. Now we have all the benefits of camping and good food where available. Just another way to get past all the high cost campgrounds.
I just want to say again how much we love the CARE Center. If any of you folks want to have a very worthwhile month, just call Dan at CARE at 936-327-4256. He'll let you know what times he needs folks to come help. Or you can send us a comment at the end of this entry, and we'll answer any questions you might have about what we do there. Folks like Jan and Chuck, Sandy and Doug, R.B., Miss Terri, Dan, Carl, and Joe will welcome you with big smiles and Escapee hugs. If you're really lucky, you'll get EVEN-STEVEN by Miss Ellie, the resident sweetheart. We will definitely be back.
On Monday we will head for Rockport for a week, then on to Mission in the Rio Grand Valley. We have some friends there, and will get together with them while we are there. We have a month there before heading on up toward the hill country for a get together with class mates, and maybe a rally. It all depends on the weather. If we don't like the weather, we'll just start the engine and move. Ya gotta love it. We sure do!!!

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