Thursday, October 4, 2007

Ready to Get Moving

Today we did some running around to get a few things. First I went for a haircut. Same place, different girl. Nice haircut. Then we hit Wal-Mart for just a few items. Then it was Home Depot for a gift for Cris and Deb's little guy. He's 1st party is on Sunday at 5:00. We got him one of those rugs that look like a town for match box cars. The next stop was the dollar store for the card and wrapping paper. Last but not least, the grocery store. The Wal-mart is not a Super Wal-Mart, so we have to make 2 stops. What a pain in the neck.
We know we pay more for food here. Can't wait to go somewhere different.
The bugs here are horrendous. We have box elder beetles, some kind of orange lady bugs, and the tiniest little black bugs that bite like the very devil. They are so small that they get through the screens. On the side of Emily that gets the sun, it is covered with all three kinds. We have to keep the door shut, and it is up in the 70's. We have windows open, but we hesitate to turn on the fan for fear they'll come in that way. I went out to do my nails just to keep the smell outside. I was out there for about 2 minutes and I was covered with those little buggers. They were in my hair and all over my clothes. YUK!!!
We only have 5 days left of work. We have to work the last 2 days, so we can't leave sooner. Come Sunday, it will be mass exodus. We are all leaving that day. We want to be on the road pretty early. We'll fill up the propane, and off we'll go. Down through Iowa, and directly south.
Roger and Dorothy left on Monday. He was quite a story teller. They own a ranch in South Dakota, but their daughter and her family live near here. They visit the ranch in-between trips North and South. He was quite a character. Wears his six-gun when he goes home. He could really tell the stories.
We will be filled again for the next 2 week-ends. That means we won't get bored in the office. Sometimes during the week, the phone won't ring for a couple of hours. Tom is always busy with leaves and picking up around. Sometimes the wind gets pretty strong. It leaves some debris.
Well, that's all I can think of to add today. Time to start some supper. Spaghetti tonight and probably tomorrow. Good to have left-overs when we work the mid shift.

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