Saturday, October 20, 2007

Well, let me just tell you about yester day. I had a complete blog entry written and when I hit the publish post button the whole thing just dissappeared. The connection to the internet had stopped, and I lost it. I was so tired, that I just decided to wait till today to do it. Now we have more to add. Maybe I'll just do some today and some tomorrow.Let me start with saying that St. Cloud is behind us. We left on Sunday morning early. We got as far as Terribles in Iowa. It is a casino with a RV park. It's about the only place to stop on route 35 going south. We ended up parking right behind our fellow work campers Jim and Barb. We didn't plan it that way, it just happened.We ended up staying 2 nights because of high winds. With it being Tom's birthday he got a free meal, and extra credit on his player's card. They also gave us half of the camping fee. When all was said and done, we left there ahead of the game, with and with more money in our pockets than when we arrived. Not bad considering we only pay penny machines. We aren't much for gambling.The next morning we left earlier than Jim and Barb. We took our time. As it sometimes happens, we ended up traveling the afternoon just ahead of Jim and Barb. They saw we didn't exit where we said we would, and called us, and we stayed at the same place that night also. As most of you know, there was some really bad weather going through the center of the country. Well, we happened to be in the center of it. We stayed put for 2 nights. It rained quite heavily, and we had some impressive thunder and lightning.All went well till we decided to go out when Jim came over and said he and Barb were going out when the rain let up. It seemed fine going down the road. We stopped at a little casino-convienence store-gas station.We spent a few bucks, and decided to go for dinner. We ate at a nice little Italian place.We were right on the border of Kansas and Oklahoma, and went from one to the other as we drove. On the way back home the weather took a bad turn. The sky got really scarry. It was like you could reach up and touch the clouds.They were swirling around and it started to rain really bad. We pulled off the road because Jim just couldn't see.I said we would be ok if it didn't hail. You guessed started to hail. We could see the sky was clearing in the west, and when the hail and rain subsided a little we took off. We just wanted to get passed those awful clouds. By the time we got back to the campground,we were in the clear, and the sun was shining. That was a little closer than I ever want to be to something that could be a tornado.The next day we were off again, and in much nicer weather. Our destination was Waco, Texas. Jim and Barb left ahead of us, and where going to head west. They said good-bye and headed off to Yuma. We were going straight south. We'll see them again in Arizona.We got to Waco with not much excitment. It was a really nice traveling day. The folks at the place we stayed in Waco were really nice. There is a little cafe there that serves breakfast. It's only $5 for what ever you select. I had a bacon and chesse omelet with toast, hash browns, and juice. They had home made jellies for your toast. Tom had pancakes, sausage, hash browns, and all the coffee he could drink.We were full!!. Then it was off to Rockport. We really like it here. It's alot like Florida. Joe and Leona, who worked with us in St. Cloud, come here every winter. We thought we might as well check it out and see if we like it. It's a really nice RV park. The water is only a few minutes away. There are lots birds. The hummingbirds have come and gone. They fly accross the gulf without stopping. I found that amazing.Well, that's enough for now, and I will write more tomorrow. We have plans to go out to the gulf. I'll let you all know how that goes. I hope this entry comes out all right. I am trying something different. I just hope I don't loose it again. Oh yeah, it's nice to sleep with just a sheet and no blankets.

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