Thursday, October 25, 2007

Rockport and Port Aransas

We have been here at Rockport, Texas for about a week. It is just beautiful here. Tom and I are in a RV park called Lagoons. The folks here are really friendly. Everyone waves or stops to talk. It is so opposite of Florida were we have stayed. We are seriously thinking of coming back next year. Of course, we have lots of places to go yet, but so far this place ranks #1.
On Sunday and Wednesday we went over to the gulf. To get there you have to drive down to Aransas. It's about 11 miles down the road, and then 5 miles to the ferry. You drive onto the ferry ride for about 5 minutes, then drive off. Next you drive through the streets for a a couple of miles, and right up on the beach. It's so cool. Everyone just parks on the beach. Lot's of people were fishing from the rocks that are lined up out into the water. Some are throwing nets out into the water to catch fishing bait. Some people are just swimming. Some folks take out inflatable boats. The water was warm. Tom and I waded in the water for awhile. We picked up a few shells for Connor, but it's not like Florida were there are lots of shells.
What was really neat, was that some folks had taken their motorhomes onto the beach to camp. You can get a permit to stay 3 days. We were thinking about it, but decided we didn't want to be cleaning sand out of Emily for the next year. You can have a fire if it is contained. Animals are allowed on the beach, but only on a leash.
We really like this place. I guess I already said that. Rockport is a nice little town. When we stopped at the Chamber of Commerce building, the ladies were very helpful. They answered any questions, and went out of their way to make sure we knew where things were and how to get there. They told us were to get fresh off the boat shrimp, and how to tell the difference between fresh and farm raised. Anything we wanted to know or see was all explained.
We have eaten a lot of shrimp. I hope they have shrimp this good in Livingston. Yummy!!!!!
This morning we went for breakfast with Leona and Joe. We met Leona's brother Larry and his wife Carole. We talked for quite awhile, and ate a really nice meal. Leona and Joe work here at Lagoons. When you RV, you get the chance to meet really nice folks like Leona and Joe. We are glad we got to know them. Maybe we'll see them next year.
When we came back, we started to get ready to leave tomorrow. Everything is just about ready. We have to wait to pay our electric bill, then we will be on our way. First we'll go up to visit June and Bob and their family. They live in northwest Houston. We made reservations today for a campground up that way. We'll stay for a few days, and then off to Livingston. It will be nice to see family for the first time since June. It's hard to believe it's almost November. We may be leaving here, but we know we will be back.

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