Saturday, October 27, 2007

Follow-up on Rockport and Houston

As we left Rockport, I took some pictures of the entrance of the park. You can see the dolphins and the fountain. Also how much like Florida it looks. I thought it was worth a few clicks of the camera. I also neglected to mention we went to see the big tree. It is this huge live oak out in the country. This tree is over 1000 years old. Can you imagine it was alive the the Civil War, The revolution, and so much more. How many hurricanes it must have seen, and lived through. Of course it was fenced, and you can not touch it. Some of the larger heavier branches have been supported over the years just to keep it from splitting. At some point the splits it suffered were repaired, and it is thriving. It sits in a little grove surrounded by it's offspring, and it's childrens' children. Something magnificent to see and just stand and look at with awe. I did touch the next biggest tree, which must be at least 500 years old. Amazing...something that was alive all that long ago is still living.
While we were on the ferry, we saw an oil rig being towed out to the gulf. It was going so slowly. The ferry had to go around it as it was going right through the path they take to the island. We wish we had gotten better pictures. On our first trip on the ferry we had seen dolphins playing in the bay. We couldn't get any pictures, the trips are to short to get out of the car to get pictures and get back in before it's time to get off. We also got some pics of the pelicans diving for lunch. It was fun to watch them dive bomb for their meal. They go in beak first, and just seem to be floating when the water settles.
The trip to Houston was something. We think we chose the wrong route, because we stopped at every stoplight they have on that road. We missed a turn, and had to find a place large enough to turn around. We finally got to the campground, and the lady in the office could have been a little nicer. Oh well, you'll have this. Guess what...more trains. St. Cloud had 40 trains a day. No kidding. They go through there up to Canada. The first two nights in Iowa..trains. It seems we can't get away from them. I hope in Livingston there are no trains.
We talked to June and Bob just before we got here, and they came to pick us up for dinner. We went to a place called Goodson's. It is said they have the best chicken fried steak in Texas. Let me tell you, they have our vote. I had asked Tom if he wanted the large or small. It's a good thing we got the small. I don't know how big the large is, but we still brought half of it home for the next day. The food was great. Especially the gravy. They even give you some extra gravy to take home with your leftovers. It's a little place on route 249 in Tomball, just northwest of Houston. If your ever in the area try it. Only $7.99 for the chicken fried steak. $8.99 for the large. Worth every penny and more.
On Sunday we go over to June and Bob's house to see them again before we move on to Livingston. It's so good to see them. Bye the way, they say HI to the rest of the family.

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