Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Fixing Mistakes and Other Things

I'm sure some of you have noticed I made a few mistakes in the last post. Mary Ingalls went to St. Paul to a doctor for her eyes, not Mankato. Sorry. I also neglected to mention Pa's bell. Charles Ingalls made the bell, and the church still uses it as you can see in the photo. As we drove around the village, we saw the site of the school, and the church, and the hotel. The site now have modern private homes on them. I also spelled Oleson wrong. Oh well, I'll get better.
As far as eating out goes, we don't really do it very often. But, there are some places here that we have wanted to go to because folks recommended them, and we have only seen them in St. Cloud. You know about Val's with the great milk shakes, and Maid Rite, but the other day we went to Culver's. Maid Rite is a chain, so is Culver's. Let me tell you that they are nothing alike. If you want a GOOD burger, go to Culver's. Man, did we enjoy the Cheeseburgers. They were huge. With the basket you get fries and a drink. You can substitute, but pay$1.00 for other sides. Tom got a short shake instead of soda (or Pop as they call it here). It was so thick he had to use a spoon. We didn't have room for dessert, and everyone know, I really had to be full if I left and didn't have ice cream. They have some rally good looking sundaes. We have heard that they are the best. Needless to say we will be going back some night after supper to get some of these sundaes. I'll report when we find out just how good they are.
The campground is emptying out. Some of the seasonal RVers are leaving for the south or west. Leona and Joe left yesterday morning early. We all said our good-byes the day before. They are really nice folks. They'll be missed. You know, it's really sad to have spent the whole summer with these folks, and to think we probably will never see them again. We know were some of the folks go for the winter, but some just go different places. Joe and Leona go down by Corpus Christi, Tx. We just may see them. If we don't, it was a great pleasure meeting them.
We have about 2 weeks left here. Last night we had our last pot luck dinner. Cris went and got ribs for John to cook in the smoker. They were delicious. I wanted to take kielbasa casserole. Well, you can't but fresh kiebasa in St. Cloud. You can get smoked, but that's not what we needed. So, they got just plain halushski. For those of you who don't know what that is, it's cabbage and noodles. Everyone liked it, Cris took some pictures, and will most likely put them in his video picture frame. He keeps it on the counter in the office. It's fun to see all the pictures from the whole season.
As I am writing this, we are watching the Mets. They have just scored their 4th run of the game, and we are wondering if they with hang onto the lead. Lately they have not done well at that. It's only the 2nd inning, so we'll see. LET'S GO METS. We just had a thunder storm roll through. Now the sun is shining. It will probably be cold again tomorrow. The electric blanket is on, and so it the heater. The trees have been changing this week. Not much here except yellow.
We went to the orchard today to get some apples. They are sort of small. I guess because of so little rain this year. We bought the Cortlands. They have some different names that have been developed by the University of Minnesota. We decided to get something we knew. Also some cider. We are missing Braces' in Pennsylvania. They have home made fresh apple cider doughnuts. You buy them, and they are still warm. They are usually gone before you get very far down the road. We'll adjust. We'll get them next year.
Not much longer till we get to the warmer climate. June and Bob we are ready to come south. Are you ready for us? We'll be there soon.

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