Monday, September 3, 2007

What a Great Week-end

That's exactly what it was. Great! As you would expect, we were filled up again. Tom and I were off on Friday and Saturday, but worked for most of the activities. On Saturday morning we went into town to a small farmers market for some fresh veggies. Therefore, we missed the arts and crafts hour. The kids made sun catchers with colored tissue paper and plastic wrap. We didn't see the completed project, but I am sure they were all really nice. They made enough kits for about 40 kids. They had to close the doors when they hit 39 just to make sure everyone had enough materials. I would call that a great success.
In the afternoon came the famous animal races. My personal favorite. The kids just have such a good time. This time we had some elderly ladies come and play. Once they got the hang of it, they were just as excited as the kids. We had eight races total, and two drawings to split the door prize. Tom was out taking pictures all week-end, as you will see. It took about an hour and a half to set up and have to races. Time well spent!! Nothing beats a happy smiling bunch of kids
The lawn jarts contest that was scheduled next, had to be cancelled. Only three people signed up to play. But, I have to tell you, the sign up sheet for the massages was filled up. You could get a 10 minute massage for $5.00. They lasted about 15 minutes. Both Saturday and Sunday sheets were booked solid. We were so busy helping out, we didn't sign for one. That was our loss.
Sunday was our Pancake Breakfast. For $2.50 you could have all the pancakes you wanted, 2 sausage links, juice. coffee or tea. Or......Biscuits and Gravy!!! John and Shirley can sure make good gravy. Sausage gravy is one of my favorites. Tom tried it for the first time. He really enjoyed it, too. Of course, you can only have 2 biscuits, but we give enough to fill up the whole plate. You sure don't go away hungry. It took almost no time to clean up, but that is Roger and Dorothy's job. They always do the pots and pans. The tables stay out for the bingo later in the evening.
We had to go to work at 5 o'clock. We had the night shift on Sunday night. We missed the bingo, but had all the kids who didn't go to that, came to the office to play pool, or some other kind of games. Tom was out delivering wood, and taking any roadies (people coming in off the road for the night) to their sites.
We came home at 9:15 to the great news that the Mets had won and the Phillies had lost. LET"S GO METS. We watched Big Brother, maybe I should say I watched Big Brother, and Tom checked things out on the computer, and we hit the sack.
Today, we had work at 1:00. So many folks went home early. As we walked up to the office, so many of the sites were empty. School starts here tomorrow, so they all have to be home to get ready. When we came home, we again found out the Mets had won and the Phillies had lost. What more could we ask for them this week-end? Not much. Just think where they would be if they had beat the Phillies last week.
Now for some other events of the week-end. It would be very remiss of me not to mention the win of Penn State. We watched the game before we went up to the animal races, and Tivoed the end. Tom had also heard about the game in Michigan, and switch to that, and we saw the big win against them in The Big House. The end of that game was really exciting. I think we will like that new Big Ten channel.
We also have to mention our Grandson's first day of school. He lets everyone know his teacher is beautiful. He thinks he's such a big boy now. He can ride the bus all by himself. He is so happy about going to school.
I think that is about enough for this post. Maybe I should have split this one up. Tom will post the pictures, so let us know what you think.

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