Friday, February 9, 2007

One week to go

At last we have only one week to go. It has been so cold here that the schools have had delays most of the week. Our son and his wife, and our daughter are all teachers, and enjoyed the extra sleep. They still had to go out in the cold. I know it's not as bad here as in upstate New York, where I have lots of family. Some of them are buried in the snow.
I wish it would get a little warmer, so we could go out and get Emily a little more set. As it is, we will probably have to wait until the morning we leave to take out most of the rest of our gear. We got bikes for ourselves for Christmas, and a bike rack for the Tracker. I think the bikes will be going in the back of the Tracker instead of freezing our butts off trying to get them on the rack for the trip.
The plan as of now is to meet up with some folks in Virginia the first night out. We are in no hurry because of leaving a few days earlier than originally planned. We have 2 nights reserved for Lazy Dayz near Tampa. Then the whole month of March at Craig's RV Park in Arcadia Florida.
The main reason, besides getting out of the cold, for going to Florida is to catch some spring training baseball games. We are avid METS fans. We will be a couple of hours from Port St. Lucie where they train, but plan to go a couple of times. There is a great farmers market in Fort Pierce that we love to go to. It has a stand that sells the best fresh baked bread you will ever taste. All kinds. Tom especially likes the rye. I go for the wheat. All of it is just terrific. My mouth is watering. The market is held on Saturday morning and the bread sells out quickly. We will have to get up early for that. Can't complain. It seems that we get up early in Florida. We don't want to miss all the sunshine. It seems like you miss something if you linger in bed.
Busy week coming up. I'll get on with it .

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