Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Winter is here!!! We have been getting precipitation in one form or another since 3:30 yesterday afternoon. Tom is out right now snowblowing for the second time. Everything is shut down or closed here. We live on a fairly busy street, and there are NO cars out. Now it's supposed to get colder. This is why we like to go south. By the time we come back, it should be spring.
Yesterday, before this all started, we turned Emily around so that we could pull out of the driveway easier. The Tracker is sitting in it's right position, but has not got the tow bar on yet. Hopefully this weather will clear for us to get out on Friday morning. It may be windy for us, but hopefully no snow. We'll be happy to get out of the higher elevations. I can't wait for warm weather. If we have to wait a day or so, we will. Better to be safe than sorry.
By the way....Happy Valentine's Day to one and all.

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gloria Card said...

So did we leave? Been wondering how you would drive that rig down 81 when it was closed. Welcome to our world.

Let's see, in Syracuse, Don has been on the roof three times. We have gone through rwo snowblowers. We think we see our RV under a large pile of snow. I remember when we used to use it.