Monday, February 19, 2007

Goodbye snow

Well, I guess you have all guessed we have left for our adventure to Florida. We took off from home at 11:00 yesterday(Sunday) morning. We encountered some snow squalls in the higher elevations in Pa. and Virginia. But, on the whole, route 81 was dry and in good shape. Better than we thought. We stayed last night in Fredericksburg, Va. It was getting dark, and we don't like to travel much after dark. The campground we stayed at was a sheet of ice. They had had some snow, and ice on top of it. The fields along the interstate where like mirrors. The glare was terrible. We could not dewinterize as it was still so cold.
Today we left and headed out to meet some new friends from the Escapees class of 2007. Linda and Ron were very nice. We have made some new friends. We met for lunch and talked till about 4:00. If we have time on the way home, we will probably get together again. We took off and went on south till we saw a camping sign. It was right off 95. It's just a little place behind a motel. It's all we need. Tom and I decided not to dewinterize again because it is still cold. Tommorrow we will get off the road early and do what we have to do to get all set up. It keeps getting warmer, but not warm enough. At least there is no snow here.


Anonymous said...

Y0u should have come north, No snow in the cape and we have a outside (metered :) ) outlet for your camper.


Frank-n-Penny said...

On the road at last, eh? Good for you. After seeing all stranded motorists on the PA freeways on the news, I'm glad you got out when you did. Sounds like your timing was great.

Follow the sun! Have lotsa' fun!

- Frank