Thursday, February 22, 2007


Well, we made it to Georgia. We are in Darien at Inland Harbor Campground. We are spending 2 nights here, and visiting some of the sights. It's close to the ocean here, and we thought we should go see the bay. We finally got the bikes out of the motorhome. It was really rainy on the ride yesterday. Poor Emily really needs a wash. We are beginning to see motorcycles going to bike week. We won't be going through Daytona, so we will miss all of that confusion.
We also have seen lots of RVs going north. I feel bad for them. The weather reports aren't so good for them. Next to us is a couple from Conn. They started the same day as we did. They are glad to be out of the area, also.
The sun is shining and the temp is going up in the 70's, so I guess I'll get going and start our days adventure.


Anonymous said...

Hi Paula and Tom

70 degrees sounds great to me!! We're having another winter something again this weekend! Have fun and keep writing...Judy Shock

gloria said...

And here in Syracuse the weather continues to delight us. Don cleared the 3 feet of snow off our RV, and said he thinks maybe the tires will be out of snow by........June. At least we can see the mailbox again, it was in a cave. 50 degrees would sound great to me. The Rv how is this weekend at the fairgrounds, so I suspect we will go there Friday. I will not allow Don to sign anything. In fcat, I will cuff him with his own handcuffs.