Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Getting ready for Florida

Today we went out to Emily to check out a few things. Tom wanted to run the generator, and I wanted to check some things in the kitchen. It was soooo cold out there. The forecast for the next week is just more of the same. Some snow and quite cold. We have most of our clothes in and ready to go. Tom has been working on the satellite dish, trying to get it set up on the new stand he built. I have been making lists of things not to forget. Somehow there is always something we forget.
We have moved up the date of departure. We were thinking of leaving about the 23rd, but have decided to leave a week earlier. We will probably leave on or about the 15th. You can never depend on the weather. Route 81 can get pretty bad up in the mountains around here. Tom was once stuck overnight with some buddies from work while coming home from a job. It was not a pleasent experience. We hope to have all of our doctor, hair, etc. appointments out of the way by then. When we see a break in the weather we are out of here. We can't wait to get going.

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