Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Two Nice Days in a Row

We just had the nicest couple of days. Today has been nice, but cool. Tonight they expect frost in some areas. Crazy weather. The week-end was really nice. Not just the weather, but we had such a good time with Connor. After his T-ball game we took him to pick up Jax. He was so excited. The dog is great in the car, and loves to ride. He had better. We played lots of games and went for some nice walks. We also went down to feed the fish and the ducks. We can't wait for school to get out for the summer so Connor can come when ever he wants. He loves it hear.
Jax is the greatest little dog. He loves to sit on our laps, and sleeps at the bottom of the bed. He doesn't bother us all night. He is just beginning to feel really comfortable here. It was like he was afraid to play. Today he started to play with his treat. It's been sitting there for about 5 days. He listens when we tell him no. It must have been hard for someone to give him up, but he is so loved here I know he will be happy. Friday he will go o the vet for a good check, and his rabies shot. He also gets to go to the groomer. I hope he looks better when he comes home. His ears are so matted, and his tail is a mess. It will probably have to be shaved right down. I know it will all grow back, but he will look funny til it does. We get some pics out over the week-end.
We'll try to get through this cold spell. Then it will be the week-end again. Heck, it's always the week-end for us. What fun.

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