Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Time Alone

Here I am all by my self. I think I hear a song there. Tom has taken his Mom down to Hershey for a doctor appointment. It's about 2 hours away, and it will be a good time for them to talk. I stayed home. I'm a romance movie nut, so I watched Never Been Kissed. I love Drew Barrymore. I think something like soup for supper. Tom won't be home much before 6. Maybe I'll take a walk in a little while--if it doesn't rain. It has been sprinkling on and off all day.
Now to let you know how our mission is proceeding. Yesterday we went to the Luzerne County SPCA. We saw the cutest little dog. It has one hold already, so I don't want to get too excited. He is so calm, and loves to be held. He climbed right up on Tom's lap. I think he likes men better. The folks who have the hold, have till today to adopt him. If they don't come, he's ours. We took him outside, and he did his business like a good boy. I really hope we can have him. He needs to be fixed before we can take him home. He has a couple of baby teeth that didn't fall out yet, so they will take those out when they have him under for his operation. I don't know what day the vet comes to do the procedures. Cross your fingers.
As I'm sitting here, the hummers are coming to feed, and so are the finches. Yesterday for, the first time, we saw a cat bird. It's a little chocolate brown bird with a dark chocolate cap on it's head. Also some rust color under his tail feathers. He stickes pretty much to the ground cover, so it's hard to catch a picture. A few minutes ago, I saw a Pine Siskin. It looks very similar to the female Gold Finch, but is more brown with stripes. It seems like every day we see a new type of bird. I think we"ve figured out the bird we heard the other morning. A pair of Blue Birds have been hanging around. That is another first for me. We saw a Killdeer up by one of the ponds on the hill yesterday morning. I guess you can tell I'm into birds. I have a book that I mark everything in. I have my binoculars out all the time. Folks probably think I'm really nosy, but I'm just watching the birds. I hope Tom can get some pictures of them to post.
I'll keep you up to date on the dog search, wish us luck.

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