Sunday, June 1, 2008

Busy Day on Friday

On Friday we got up early and set out for the valley. We had to have Jax at the groomers by about 9. Then we set off for Wal-Mart. After a little shopping, we headed for the house. Tom cuts the grass for Robin when we go down. At noon we had to sign papers for preperations for the closing on the house. By 1 we had to pick up Jax. He doesn't look like the dog we left there. I had to be at the hospital for my yearly mamogram at 1:30. Then came the vet appointment at 3:00. After the rabies shot and a really good check-up, and a heart worm test, and over $200.00, we took off for the credit union. Needless to say, we were about 5 minutes late. Be that as it may, we no longer own the house. No more sticks and bricks as they say in the RV world. After all that, we came back home, arriving after 6. Jax layed down and went right to sleep. We both grabbed a sandwich and settled for the evening. All three if us were exhausted.
One thing is we think we know what kind of dog we have. Both the grooner and the vet say he is part poodle. We knew that. They both think the rest may be Maltese. So...we have a Maltapoo. They said the fur is so soft and silky that would be their choice. Well, now he has no fur. The groomer said we have to start from scratch. We both laughed when we saw him. He is such a nice color. Kind of silvery white. Every night he has slept at the bottom of the bed. Last night he must have been cold, because of no fur, so he climbed up between us, snuggled under the covers, and stayed there till morning. He's such a good dog.
Today Robin came up and brought us food. She usually comes up on the week-end at some point. Today she brought pizza, stomboli, and a cheese-steak for Tom. The stomboli was huge. We have enought for tomorrow and half of Tom's sandwich. So we'll eat good again. She wanted to roast some marshmallow, so I started a small fire and we had some. Then off she went. The last day of school for her the 10th, then we will be at the house more just helping her get things situated. There is some stuff we have to get rid of, and some things we want to store in the attic. We won't need much room. We've lived in Emily for a year, and don't need much of anything we don't have here.
We have added some before and after pics of Jax. I'm sure you will see the difference in him. We love him no matter how he looks. And he loves us back.

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the new family member. He sure is handsome!

Cousin Bill