Friday, April 25, 2008

On The Way Home

On Tuesday we left Livingston. We had plans to do the Natchez Trace, but had to change plans because of the flooding there. We have made our way to Knoxville, Tennessee. Quite be accident we found the Escapees' park in Raccoon Valley. We were about to get off the exit for another campground when we saw a sign. Folks here are just as friendly as at other SKP parks. We went to happy hour yesterday afternoon, and to the jam session last night. We were treated to some great music by some of the regulars, and some folks just passing through. One great banjo player named Dave, who comes by most Thursdays, and a little old fellow who is about 84 who plays the steel guitar. He also knows the words to any song anyone plays. They even had a dulcimer played by a lady just staying the night. We really enjoyed the music, which lasted 2 whole hours. We have decided to stay here for a few days to rest up a bit before the last haul toward home.

Today is our anniversary. Where did that 38 years go? We went out to dinner at a place called The Golden Girls' restaurant. Tom had beef tips over rice, and I had the fried catfish fillet. It was good, but nothing really special. The folks were very nice, and the building is a log house recycled. I'm thinking I should have had the ribs. Oh well, maybe next time. Tomorrow morning is the park weekly breakfast. One of my favorites-biscuits and sausage gravy. Most SKP parks have a breakfast during the week. We just happen to hit this one just right. We will miss the ice cream social hour on Sunday. We surely do love our ice cream. We'll be in Kentucky on Sunday. Connor has asked us if we would go through Kentucky on the way home. I said yes, and I would call him when we get there and buy him something that says Kentucky. Before we left he was into the United States, and loved to say Kentucky. I guess he is remembering. We also have to stop for some groceries and such. We are shooting for May 1st to be home. Not much longer now. It will be good to get hugs and kisses.
We have had some trouble with our computer. The screen has gone, and we have a TV hooked up to it. Tom seems to think there are other problems, too. We will have to get our desk top at home up and running to make sure we don't lose what we have in this one. It will give Tom fits till we are home. It doesn't seem to bother things I do, but you never know with these computer buddies of ours. We'll check back in with you all when we get home. Oh, by the way, I'm on another mission. I really want a dog. I have missed having one. It's been a few years now, and George, Robin's dog, doesn't travel with us. She won't part with him for that long. We'll let you all know how the hunt progresses.
It's been a beautiful day. We hope it is springtime at home, too.


LakeConroePenny,TX said...

Congratulations, and Happy 38th. Anniversary.
Best wishes, Penny, TX

Ellie & Jim said...

Happy Anniversary! I hope you've made it home safely. Good luck with your dog search. There are a lot of pups out there who would love to travel with you.

Take Care,