Saturday, April 5, 2008

Hoover Dam at Lake Meade

While we were at Lake Meade in Nevada, we visited Hoover Dam. From our campground it only took a few minutes. They needed 7 bucks to park, but it was in a parking garage under cover of the hot sun. We got the senior discount (thanks to the white hair), and paid $9 each for the tour. You get to see a 15 minute movie about the building of the dam, and a tour to see the turbines. When you start the tour, an elevator takes the group down into the ground, like going into the mines in Pa. Tom took some great pictures, and we hope you can get an idea of how huge the dam really is. In one of the pictures you can see 2 pick-ups down below. They look like match box cars.It was an amazing thing to see. Back at home, we sat out and watched the airplanes come into Vegas. We were right under the landing pattern.
The next day we spent sometime in Boulder City. They have some nice shops to browse in. Here in the western states we have visited, they have reverse osmosis machines to get water. Most times a gallon costs 25 cents. Just fill up your container. We filled up and went on back to the park. I had promised Jim Mullay, our friend from Vegas, that I would make him some halushki when we came to visit. I cooked it outside. I was very successful. It was pretty good.
Saturday we went to Jimmy's. He had fixed us a lite lunch, and took us on a tour of Lake Las Vegas. This was a dream of the developer. He wanted a little piece of Italy in Nevada. Let me just tell you...he did it. It was a beautiful place. Jim treated us to Italian ice cream. It has a special name, but I can't remember. It was delicious. On the way back to his house for supper, we stopped at a store that sells all organic. It was called Whole Foods. He picked up a cake for dessert, and we left for his house. He fixed a terrific brisket, and his special chipolte mashed potatoes. Some asparagus was added, and then the chocolate cake. He's a great cook. His Mom was with us, along with his friend Kurt and his Mom's friend. We enjoyed the time we spent there. It is always good to see Jimmy. He was in our wedding back in 1970. He and Tom were childhood buddies. We said good-bye, and left with some leftovers and hugs. The next day we left for Williams, Arizona. Because we were going to the Grand Canyon, we drove over the dam. What a ride. That's another days' post. We are on extended network here, and I have to make it short. Tom will add the pictures when we are sure we won't lose them because of a bad connection. We are on our way east. I guess folks think it's time we were home. We'll get there when we get there.

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