Tuesday, April 1, 2008

On The Road Again

To begin with I have to explain why there have been no posts lately. When we moved from Pahrump, we went to Lake Meade. We dry camped for 5 days. For those of you who don't know, that is having no hook-ups. We had a very limited time for the computer, and only ran the generator for about an hour at night. We left there 0n Sunday morning. Now I can start the posts again.
I had called Clark and Marie, and asked them to come over for supper on Monday night. I surprised them by fixing some kielbasa from home (it was given to us by our friend Jimmy who lives in Henderson-another post maybe tomorrow). We all enjoyed the hamburgers and hot dogs that we grilled. They said good-bye around 8, and off they went home. They enjoy so much having friends come to visit.
On Wednesday we left for Boulder City. We stayed at the Lake Meade National Recreation Area. What a beautiful area. Our campsite was overlooking the lake, and the wonderful mountain scenery. What was really something to see, was how low the lake is. We have heard about the low snow levels and the amount of water Las Vegas is now using has really brought the lake down. As you look at the pictures you can see where the water levels should be. As of yet, the snow in the upper Rockies has not melted. Because of the snow this year, there is hope the levels will rise higher than last year. Many folks have taken upon themselves to replace their grass lawns with desert landscaping, and the golf courses have sprinklers only on the greens. This alone has saved tons of water. Let's hope the good folks keep conserving. It would be a shame if something as gorgeous as Lake Meade disappeared.
We had our mail sent to Boulder City, and went off in search of the post office. With the help of Nelly(our GPS) we found it with no problem. We also went around the town to visit all the little shops. Lot's of the little towns around the West have neat shops. We have been to so many in the last few weeks. We don't buy much, we don't have room to carry stuff. We just love to look.
Of course the casinos called us. Wait, I mean me. Tom doesn't like to go, but bless his heart, he goes because I like to. We played for a while and didn't lose anything, so I guess we should be happy with that.
I'll save the rest of our time there for tomorrow. Wait till you see Hoover Dam.

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