Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Sunflower RV Resort, Sunrise Arizona

Here we are at Sunflower Resort in Sunrise. There are many park models here, and some folks are here for the whole year. Most stay only for the winter. It is very clean and well taken care of. We have a number of things to chose from as far as activities go. There are many kinds of card games, bingo, lots of entertainment shows. The Mills Brothers is coming up, but is sold out. That is just an example. There are sewing groups craft groups, wood carving, quilting, stained glass, silver lapidary, a big library, a lap pool, and family pool, 2 hot tubs, and games. Such as tennis, golf, horse shoes, lawn bowling, bocce ball, shuffle board, and more. We also have to option of going to some dinners at specific times. There is also dancing. Square, line, ballroom, etc. As you can see, we should not be bored or looking for something to do.
Tom's cousins live in the area. Today we stopped in to see Jimmy and Delores. They live in Peoria. Skip and Mary live in northwestern Phoenix. We have friends from St. Cloud, Minn in the park, and Ed and Hazel are in Apache Junction, which is not too far. So, we have only a month, with lots to fit in.
Rain is in the forecast for the next couple of days. We probably won't get to see the eclipse tonight. It is already cloudy, and it's only 5:00. We'll see. We had planned to to do the Apache Trail. We have been told it is really beautiful, and we are anxious to see it. It will be a full day event. I'm sure pictures will come with the review.
We thought there would be a Culver's here. They won't be opened till sometime in April. No good hamburgers for us in Surprise. We'll be in Nevada by that time. Maybe next time through.
Tomorrow, if the weather holds, we may do some geocaching. It's something we really have fun doing. When we get home we plan to do our own cache. Probably somewhere in our campground. It will be fun to see how many come in to find it. Of course, it will only be accessible in May thru Oct. Then the gate is closed. That's a little ahead of myself. We have time. Lot's of time. Are we lucky or what?

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