Monday, February 25, 2008

Sight Seeing Around Surprise

Tom and I took a trip out to the desert the other day. We traveled up to Lake Pleasant. Thinking we would fine the desert in bloom, we were armed with cameras and binoculars. Of course we took our water with us. You always have to have water in the desert. If you don't by a pass for $6.00, you don't get near the lake. All we wanted was pictures. We never got close. We did see some yellow patches on some of the hillsides. That was all. We did manage to get into the campground just to check it out for the future. Most of the campers there have boats of one kind or another. The sites are various sizes, and are priced accordingly. We thought the fees were pretty reasonable for being that close to the lake.
Yesterday we went to a very large swap meet. I call it a flea market. It was like we were back in Mexico. Prices were sort of high we thought. Nothing much there we wanted. I did buy a pack of dish scrubbers for a buck. That was that. Outside on the parking lot there was a big tent set up. They had some camels outside the tent, I we saw a small zebra. None of the animals looked like they were taken care of to well. And that was our Sunday.
Today we went to Glendale. The city has done a great thing. Most of the old houses have been turned into little shops. Most have the touristy stuff like wreaths and potpourri, etc. The longer we walked, the more we realized that antique stores outnumbered anything else. There was everything you could want. Lot's of stuff I had never seen, or stuff from our childhood. Be that as it may, no purchases today. But it was fun to browse.
Tomorrow we are going over to Apache Junction to visit with Ed and Hazel. It will be good to see them again. We have plans to go to a pizza place that has a pipe organ and light show. We'll take pictures for you all to see. Some of our friends have gone there, and say it's pretty neat. I hope we're not disappointed.

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