Friday, February 15, 2008

The Gypsy Rally at Casa Grande

What a great time. This is was our first Gypsy Rally, but definately not our last. Nick and Terry Russel have done such good job getting this all together. We had some very informative seminars. We would have liked to fit in some more, but scheduling didn't permit it. They had open craft time. Everyone took their work and shared it with the others. That was different than the way it is usually done. They sometimes have a craft to make. This way you could learn different things. Lot's of beading took place. I don't bead, but it is beautiful work. I took my necklaces for CARE, but left my swedish weaving home.

We have been members of the Escapees Class of 2007 for quite some time. It is Escapees who started to go full-timing in 2007. We have been on the computed forums for a couple of years now, and since we missed Quartzsite with them, we were new here. They welcomed us with Escapees hugs, and we had such a great time with them all. We established a Gypsy Red Hat Mammas Club. Miss Terry was made an honorary member. Marcia has this Margarator. It's a machine that makes great margaritas. We sat out every evening for happy hour. Lots of laughs and good times. On Wednesday we headed over to the main building for a pizza party. I think 200 pizzas were delivered to the Rally. They came loaded in 2 pick-up trucks. YUMMY. One of the vendors had furnished the drinks. We had wine and non-alcoholic grape juice at every table. Then came the entertainment for the evening. It was a Dessert Rose Beauty Queen Contest. Most guys from our class took part. The winner was Sal. He was hilarious. He was crowned by last years winner. At the conclusion of the event, the guys took donations for CARE. They collected about $800. With all the other monies we have collected and sent, we have a total of $1125 so far that we have to donate to them. We are so proud of that. CARE needs all the help they can get.

Last night we had a nice little get-together for supper. The ladies all made appetizers and desserts. You can fill up nicely on finger food. It was a nice ending to a fun week. We all exchanged cards, and will be sure to keep in touch.

By the way, I purchased some nice little earrings that look just like Emily. Along with some others. We won a years free subscription to the Gypsy Journal. That's Nick's Newspaper. You can learn about good places to go and neat things to do. It was one of the best door prizes.

Right now we are in a very muddy parking lot. We decided to stay an extra day, because we don't have reservations till tomorrow. We did our laundry, and picked up a prescription and some milk at Wal-Mart. It is quite cool here today and very rainy. Hence the mud. Many of the class has stayed on, but have all stayed inside. Trying to stay warm and dry. Tomorrow we head out to Surprise, on the northwestern side of Phoenix. We will be there for a month, and visit with some of Tom's family. It will be nice to have full hook-ups for a while. We just hope the weather gets better. Like someone said to day, "It could be worse. We could be going to work." I'll take this any day.

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