Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Organ Stop Pizza with Ed and Hazel.

Off we went to Apache Junction. It took us about an hour to get there. Ed and Hazel are staying in a really nice park. It isn't like ours. They have a much smaller park, and it is all motor homes and fifth wheels and travel trailers. Ours is mostly park models. Folks here stay for about 6 months, and go back north for 6 months. Over there most are travelers. Hazel and I took a walk, and she showed me around the complex. While we were gone, Ed and Tom took a walk, too. We decided that when we come back to this area, we will be staying there. The view of the Superstition Mountains was wonderful.
Around 4:00 we went off to Organ Stop Pizza. What a great place. When you go in, you order and then go find your seat. Hazel got us a terrific seat at the railing of the balcony. When your order is ready, the number comes up on the board and you go get your food. We both had spaghetti. Ed and Hazel had pizza. All of a sudden out of the floor comes this huge Wurlitzer Organ. What awesome music. There are xylophones on the ceiling, drums on the walls, and a set of pipes that were the trumpets on the wall next to us. Not to mention the light show that goes on with the music. You could see the baffles working. Some of the pipes were also visible. The organist took request, and did Stray Cats Shuffle. Out came the cats. Really cute puppets. They moved to the music. Then came a rousing rendition of the Star Wars theme. WOW. It was really amazing. I kept thinking of my good friend Gloria. She would have loved it. She is an organist and choir director. Tom says she would have wanted to be the one playing. Probably so. We finished eating and went down stairs to leave, and what did we see? Breyers' Ice Cream Cones. I had butter pecan, and Tom had Reese's Peanut Butter Cup. A good ending to the meal.
It was hard to say bye to Ed and Hazel. They have become such good friends. We may not see them again till the fall. They come from the Chicago area, nowhere near Pa. They will be staying put for a while, and we will be traveling. By the time they move, we will be home. We'll meet in Livingston at the CARE Center in the fall...The Good Lord willin' and the creek don't rise.
It has been such a beautiful day. Nice and warm. Shorts weather. We have been looking for weather like this since we left Minnesota. Should be nice through the weekend. Tomorrow we are going to an RV show. It's at the Cardinals' Stadium where they played the Super Bowl. Then on Saturday we go to Jim and Dee's for a family get-together. It sure will be nice to see the family. We haven't seen some of them for a few years. We just keep movin' on. We sure like this life.

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