Sunday, March 4, 2012

We are officially Senior Citizens

  We had not been at Peace River TT a day  when the phone rang and it was Bob & Linda. They were wondering what part of Fl. we were in and when I said Peace River they said they were coming in the next day. Over the course of the next 10 days  we played Mexican train several times, went out to eat, Paula fixed haluski with Johnnies Kielbasa,Linda fixed spaghetti & meatballs, and we sat around and talked about where we have been and where we were headed, over  a glass or 2 of wine. One day we were walking up for ice cream sundaes on the back porch and as we were walking by the outdoor shuffle board I asked  Bob if they played and he said no but they would  like to and we also wanted to learn. After the sundaes we went into the camp store and the lady there gave us a quick rundown. Off the 4 of us went to play our 1st of many games of shuffleboard and to officially become senior citizens. We played every day after that. The last day we were playing we were invited to come back the next day to play with the group but they were leaving then and for me it was Tax day. We had a lot of fun with Bob & Linda and it was sad to see them go. We won’t see them for a while as they are going north and we are heading east. We moved over to Fort Pierce Fl to a county campground that is a nice change from the normal Fl camps. We are backed up to wetlands with all kinds of birds flying around including eagles. Paula’s mom & dad lived in this area for a while so we know our way around here. The NY Mets have their training camp here and we have tickets for a few games. Yesterday we went to one of our favorite farmers markets on the river walk in Fort Pierce. Last time we were in this area was 2005 and there was about 10 vendors. Now there is probably over a 100. Last time we were there there was a baker who had the most delicious bread and we were hoping he was still there and he was. After getting our bread ( they sell out early) we spotted a fish or Shrimp taco stand. The only place we have ever found shrimp tacos was Algodones Mx.  below Yuma Az. These were a little different as they used shredded cabbage instead of lettuce and they also put black beans on them. They were sooo  good. We sat to eat them on the wall for the intercoastal waterway watching the pelicans and listening to a live jazz band. Just doesn’t get much better. This area has a very active jazz & Blues society. Next Saturday they have Mardi Gras and I can’t wait. In the afternoon we took our chairs, water & books over to the ocean for a few relaxing hours. This morning when I got up (around 6:30) it was in the 70s. Soon after the weather radio started going off advising of a cold front coming through with rain and very high winds. It appears to be just ending but the temp has dropped into the 50’s. Good day for a down day only have to go up the road to Winn Dixie for some corned beef to go with my fresh rye bread.

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