Thursday, March 22, 2012

Vero Beach Fl

   We moved about 25 miles north to Vero Beach a week ago. The 1st day we were here we went for a walk around the park. Folks in cars passing by didn’t wave and people walking by didn’t seem very friendly. We figured we were in for a long 2 weeks. We spend most of our time in Thousand Trails & SKP parks and they are always very friendly parks. The big difference in the parks are the folks in this park are almost all here for the entire winter and the TT & SKP parks have mostly folks that stay a few weeks and move to another park. The longest we have been in the same park this winter was 2 weeks. We were wrong about most of the folks here and it’s be an enjoyable week. Besides getting my fill of basketball we’ve kept as busy as we like. On St. Patty’s day we went to a restaurant that advertised as a Florida Cracker Cowboy restaurant.  Instead of green beer I had green fried tomatoes along with cajun catfish and grilled broccoli. Every thing was great. We went up to bingo on Monday evening. Besides regular bingo they had several specials that continued from 1 game into another game and everyone was very helpful in explaining it all to us. I won the big game of the night splitting $75 with 1 other player. On Tuesday we went up to watch league shuffleboard to see if we were playing the game right. They invited us to come up and watch and ask any questions. They were there to have fun and didn’t take the game to serious. They also encouraged us to come back on Thursday and play. After lunch we went to the beach for a few hours. Today we went and played shuffleboard with the regulars and had a great time. I had some beginners luck and came in 3rd and won $3. Everyone puts in $1 and there was 12 of us playing. After lunch we went back over to the beach. Tomorrow I’m going to give the car a bath. Early evening we’ll go out to eat then the local high school is going to do a jazz concert in the park up in Sebastian. I love when the young kids have an interest in jazz.

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