Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Moving North

  Our 2 weeks are up here in Fort Pierce Fl at the Savanna’'s county park. This is a great park and I’m sure we’ll be back. We’re backed up to a wetlands that has all kinds of birds. There are also frogs, turtles and folks down the road had a gator sighting. After our bear encounter this summer in Alaska that was toooo close. We enjoyed our time in this area. Since we spent time in this area when Paula’s mom & dad lived here there was some places we wanted to go back to. We drove by where they used to live and the house was gone replaced by a huge Gererac generator. That was sad. We also went to White City to see if the big dead oak tree was still there and it was. Nelsons farm market was still there and busy as ever. We made several trips there. We made several trips to the Saturday market on the riverwalk in Fort Pierce. they have such good food vendors there. Last week we had breakfast in a bowl there. Eggs,onion,peppers and sausage on top of delicious home fries. At our favorite bread vendor I got a blueberry scone & Paula had chocolate croissant. In early afternoon they were going to have a Mardi Gras celebration so we walked around town to kill some time. Up on 1 of the street corners a blues band had set up so we stopped to enjoy the music for a while. At 1 o'clock the parade began. It was a small parade but everyone had a good time. Down back on the river walk area a Dixieland band had begun to play and thats where we headed. They were very good. Before we say down to listen we bought a bowl of gumbo which hit the spot. Next to where we were sitting vendors were making a Jamaican chicken on a stick that smelled so good. When we were leaving I told Paula I had to have one and it was excellent. There are 2 reasons I enjoy this area. 1 The New York Mets have there spring training here and we got to a few games & 2 They have a very active Jazz & Blues society and I got to listen to several live Jazz & Blues bands. We have had some very windy days here so we only got to the beach once. One evening we went over to the county fair and the 1st thing I spotted was a vendor selling green fried tomatoes. Those along with Texas style BBQ were dinner. Even if we weren’t off doing anything just sitting in this park watching the wildlife was enough. Tomorrow we head North but only about 20 miles and we settle into Vero Beach area. We have never spent any time there so it will be a new experience. We’ll be there for 2 weeks and then head south again. They may be having a mild winter up north but it’s still to early to be to far north.

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