Wednesday, January 23, 2008

In the Desert

Just a short entry to let everyone know we are having a great time here in Quartzsite. Poor Emily is so dusty. When we move she' ll need a good wash down. We are camping with the Escapee Boomers. I have a bad head cold, and Tom thought maybe we would stay put today. I want to do the whole Q thing. Today we went to walk all the vendors. We didn't get to all of them. There are just too many. We have checked out some of the motor home dealers, too. We just like to look. Our view of the mountains is great, and some of the sunsets are pretty. It gets quite cold here at night. It's a good thing we have extra blankets. Jeff and Jill Funk, some friends from our club back in Pa., are here also. It's amazing how people just drive into the desert and park for a couple of weeks. So many of them have solar panels. We run our generator every night to check our e-mail, watch a little TV, and run the heater for a bit. We turn on the electric blanket to get the bed warm before we get in. We're in bed by about 10. All this cold fresh air and walking around poops us out. Tomorrow more of the same. We planning to leave on Friday morning. Rain is in the forecast. Maybe on to Congress Az. The good part is we can change our minds if we want. What fun.

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