Monday, January 28, 2008

Blythe, California and More Geo Caching

Our traveling has now brought us to Blythe, Cal. We are in a small county campground. Riverside County has this nice Mayflower Campground. We are right on the banks of the Colorado River. You would think that still being in the desert we would have the same climate. We are at a much lower altitude than when we were in Benson. When we got here, Friday, it was beautiful and warm. It rained all Saturday night and all day yesterday. Today it is very windy. We still went out to Geo Cache. We did well. Usually our searching goes about 50/50. Today we found all three. One was down a steep hill, and Tom went down alone. The clues were pretty good, but the spot was kind of dangerous, I thought. The other two were easily found, but you always have to watch for snakes here.
We went to the grocery store again. When we first got here, we needed some food. The prices were outrageous!!! Making a decision not to go back, we got what we needed and left. Well, plans changed. We wanted to go to Yuma to spend a few days. There was not a spot to be had. Call after call came up empty. The decision was made to stay put and do a day trip. So, another trip to the grocery store. We got what we think will hold us for a week, and will fill up on the other things when we get to Casa Grande.
We decided to stay here for another week. We have been moving or busy since we left in June, and we just need some time to do what we want, or nothing at all, if that is what we choose. I must say, being lazy for a day or two is not a bad thing.

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