Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Back in Pa.


    We have been back parked next to our daughters house for about 5 weeks and I must be getting hitch itch as I am always looking at our Streets & Trips map for our 2012-2013 trip from Pa. to SD to Tx then back to Pa. We really enjoyed our trip back from Fl. this year especially Va. and Del. It was kind of costly with tolls though. Around $60. Diesel wasn’t to bad, relatively  speaking, on the Pa. turnpike so we pulled in to fill up just before our exit. At the pump it said for Mastercard or Visa you must go inside. Once inside I was informed I needed to tell her exactly how much I wanted to put in and they would precharge my account. I told her I didn’t know exactly and she told me If I didn’t know I couldn’t get fuel. I took my card back and left. Never ran into that before. Since we have been back we’ve kept busy with grandkids, church projects, trips to upstate NY, yard work at my daughters and Drs. appointments. I bought a new printer last week and everything worked fine except it printed with invisible ink. I got ahold of Kodak on line and after 30 minutes or so they determined it was a bad printer so they sent me a new one. In a bit we’re going to take the bad one to the UPS store to send it back. In the area is a store where we get our clams so tonight we’ll feast on steamed clams. They probably won’t be as good as the ones we clammed ourselves in Va. but they will be good and a lot less work. Think I’ll go get some exercise and cut my daughters lawn.

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