Sunday, November 2, 2008

Back To The Opry

When we arrived in the park last week, the first place we visited was the CARE Center. One of the first things they asked was if we wanted to go to Liberty to the Opry. Of course we said yes. Last night was the night. The theme was "Legends of County Music". We heard some great music from some great musicians and singers. The house band is soooooo good. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.
We went to Chili's to eat before the show, as the service at Ann's Seafood, where they usually go, has not been so good the last couple of times. Maybe we'll get there ourselves. We are not crazy about Mexican food, but we were able to get food we liked, and where full when we left. Dessert came at the Opry. I had coconut cream pie, and Tom had lemon meringue. The best coconut cream I've ever had.
We went off to vespers this evening. They always have communion. Volunteer speakers do a fine job of keeping the services going. Last week Tom helped serve, and this week there were so many folks that more cups had to be filled to make sure everyone got served. That's a really good thing.
Tomorrow we have to get Emily ready for the visit to the fix-it shop. The refrigerator is our main concern. We have the freezer empty, and I'll defrost it tomorrow. We have to be there by 8 in the morning. It's up and at 'em. And don't forget to vote on Tuesday. Let me tell you, we are surely the minority here in Texas. They are so Republican. They are also very ready to tell you so. Even if you don't ask. You gotta love them.

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