Friday, November 14, 2008

At the CARE Center

We are finally here at CARE. Our friends Ed and Hazel arrived on MOnday, and we have been doing things together every day since. Monday nght I fixed pizza for us all, and Tuesday Ed had I went over to the blood drive to to our thing. Tom and Hazel both take colesteral meds. We went up to Lufkin on Wednesday to the candy factory. Afteer a trip to Sam's we went over to there motorhome to have snacks and margaritas. They fired up the margarator, and we all had a good time. Yesterday we took off for Houston to some RV dealers. They are looking for a diesel motorhome. Tom and I love to look. Emily isn't going anywhere. There were some beauties there, though. After coming home we went and made banana splits. YUMMY!!
Today we all had our orientation at CARE. Since Ed and Hazel were on the schedule for this evening, we figured it was the time to do it. Tom and I are on starting Monday morning. The folks we take over for leave that morning. From now on we will all be busy, and not off at the same time. Not that we won't be together doing chores. We have found out that we won't be as busy as we were last year. That means we will be able to spend more time with the residents. Most of them just need someone to talk to about things. We have recieved bunches of Escapee hugs, and smiles all around. It's nice to be back.

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Bob and Molly said...

Hi Paula and's nice to hear about your work at CARE....I look forward to hearing more about it. What a great service you are rendering!
Look forward to seeing you guys again!
Molly & Bob