Sunday, October 19, 2008

Abita Springs Is a Great Place

First I'll start with saying, if we could stay another week, we would. This little town is so friendly. No matter which road you take out of town, there is something to see or do. Last night we went to the Abita Opry. Mind you, it's not the Grand Ole Opry, but the talent was super. They had 4 groups that played for 1/2 hour each. They are not allowed to over, because the whole show is taped for TV. They are strict on time. The house band started off, and finished. They play mostly Blue Grass. One group played what most folks refer to as Dixieland jazz. The group from New Orleans played what they called New Orleans Blue Grass. It was a cross between Dixieland and Blue Grass. The other group did old Blue Grass. Early sounds from Appalachia. They all did a great job.
When we arrived, before the doors were opened, we could sit in chairs out in front of the Town Hall and listen to a group who played on the porch. I guess it was just some folks who were jamming together. One was an assistant pastor from a church in town. They did a few old hymns, and some older country songs. When they allowed folks in, we could go up to a counter and get some of the food for sale. Hot dogs w/chili and the works, Home made Gumbo over rice, and lots of different desserts. We both chose the Gumbo, and home made bread pudding. Man, it was good.
Today we went down to New Orleans. We took the causeway, which happens to be the longest bridge in the world. It is about 26 miles long. It sure was quicker that going around Lake Pontchartrain. We stopped first at the visitors center, and was given instruction and suggestions from a very nice lady. She gave us a map and showed us where to park, and how to get where we wanted to go. On we went to the French Quarter. I really hadn't changed much since we were there about 6 or 7 years ago. We ate beignets at Cafe Du Monde in Jackson Square. We enjoyed all the street musicians, and the art work all along the streets. We took a rest up on the levee, and watched the river and called our Mothers. We had really good reception there, and we have almost nothing at the campground. We saw some big freighters leaving for the gulf.
After coming back down and checking out some of the shops at the French Market, we stopped for a sandwich, and started home.
What a nice time we had. Coming back to Abita Srings is definitely in the card. It's a nice stop on the way to Texas. There is so much we haven't done yet. There is always next time. We can come back when ever we want. What a life.

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