Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Pirate Days at A Bay

On Friday we took off early in the morning for the 1000 Islands on the St Lawerence River. When we go there we stay at Merry Knoll Campground in Clayton, N.Y. It's a really nice place to stay if you want a view of the river. The showers and game room aren't the best we've seen, but we don't use them, so I can't say anything bad about them. The pool is nice, as is the playground, with it's pirate ship play house. Connor had lots of fun there. We were there for Pirate Days.
Pirate Days is a big event at Alexandria Bay. We didn't realise how many people would be there. Connor was invited to join the large group of kids who had come. We all were given goodie bags with all kinds of great stuff. The kids were all given a paper plate with different things to make a craft. They could make a pirate ship or anything they wanted. It all started with a shoe box. They had glue and straws and pirated flags and all kids of crafty things to make it with. Connor made a little park with his stuff. You have to use your imagination as he explains about it. It was pretty cool, actually.
After that we went down to see the pirate ships. They were docked at the village docks. Connor was asked if he wanted to sit at the wheel for a picture. He was thrilled. Some of the pleasure boats at the docks were decorated, and the owners were all dressed up. One had a big treasure chest of "treasure" that the kids could chose from. We thought it was great that they would all get into the day just for the kids. Connor chose some chocolate doubloons.
In the afternoon came the pirate invasion. The big ships came into the bay, and tried to take over the bay. The villagers fought them off, with lots of cannon fire and sword fights. There were so many people there. We never expected it to be such a well attended event. Traffic getting out of town was busy, but not to bad.
In the evening after supper, we went into town for ice cream. In Clayton is this little store called What's the Scoop. When you ask for a small cone you better be ready to eat what you would normally get in a large in other places. I had this really delicious oatmeal cookie dough that was soooo good. Connor had play dough, which he thought was neat. Tom had moose tracks. We would have sat by the river to eat it, but it was rainy and cool.
Anyway, our trip was cut short. Connor woke me up at 3 in the morning. "Honey, I just threw up!" I was changing sheets and helping the poor kid get through the night. So instead of going to visit my Mom for a couple of days, we had to bring him home. He wanted to stay, and keep going on with our plans, but he belonged at home. He is fine now, but had to travel home with a bucket as his best friend. I felt so bad for him. Well, he had a good time for 3 days, and that is what he will remember.
Today we slept late, as did Jax. He had a really busy week-end. All the kids wanted to pet him, and he was eager to comply. It was kust a day to catch our breath. It sure was nice to be on the road again. Not moving since the beginning of May is getting to us a little. We have set a date of October 1 to be on the road back south. That gives us about 6 weeks. We'll be ready. Nothing like being on the move.

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