Monday, August 4, 2008

Busy Day

Today we were at the house again. Tom had to change the oil in the Tracker, and he usually cuts the grass when we are there. I help Robin pull up carpeting in one of the bedrooms. What a job. Then we took up all of those pesky little staples that hold down that yucky padding. We rolled up the carpet and put it in the hallway. Next it goes up to the attic. It's a nice carpet, only a few years old. We have a place for it to go when we have a chance.
We have been doing some yearly maintenance on Emily. Things like cleaning the fans, checking inside all the equipment for leaks and making sure there are no nests of any sort in there. You folks that are RVers know what I mean. Today on the way home we got new filters for the generator. Tomorrow that gets done. When we get back from up north, I will give Emily a good cleaning.
We took the camera with us today when we left. Of course the hawk wasn't there. Neither were the swallows. We'll keep trying till we get some pics. We have the rest of the summer.
We expect it to get a little cooler by the end of the week. Maybe even some rain. Just what we need for the trip. We'll just have to make sure we have umbrellas. The sun can't shine 365. We'll make the best of it and still have fun.

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