Friday, June 3, 2011

June 3,2011

  We made it to Dawson City and Mile post 0 on the 29th. We stayed 2 nights and did some exploring. After picture taking at Mile post 0 we went into the visitor center. We found out a little about the town and got directions to an old wooden railroad tressle and a pamphlet on a walking tour. After searching a little we found the wooden bridge and it was worth the search. The walking tour was not so great. Most of the buildings it took us to were gone or completely remodeled. There was several nice murals and we enjoy them. The Chamber of Commerce had a nice exhibit of things used during the making of the Alaskan Highway. They had a model of the Kiskatinaw Curved Bridge which is on the old Alaskan Highway. It’s the only original timber bridge still in use. On the 31st when we started our adventure up the highway our 1st diversion was at mile marker 17 when we turned off of the new highway and onto the old. In a few short miles we reached the bridge and it was worth the little side trip. We crossed over and continued back to the new highway. That night we stayed at a camp along the Sikanni river. It was nice to listen to the water flowing. There wasn’t much wildlife along the way except the big one. A momma black bear and her 2 cubs. The cubs went running across the road in front of us and into the woods but the momma stayed put and watched us as we passed by. The road has begun to narrow a bit and hugs the mountains on one side and lakes & rivers on the other at places. We’re traveling through the northern Rockies. Yesterday as we were approaching the entrance to Laird Hot Spring Prov Park we saw several buffalo wandering around. Yesterday we soaked in the hot springs and it felt so good. We were going to to to for a quick dip before we left but we woke up to s**n. Not sure what elevation we’re at but it’s June and this is not right. We have no radio,tv or cell signal here so we’ll check at the office to find out how the roads are. If there’s any doubt we’ll stay here another night but we were looking forward to hookup at Watson Lake as we haven’t had any for awhile.  The roads were good so we moved to Watson Lake in the Yukon. On the way today we had a moose run across the road in front of us and about 8 horses running loose along the side of the road. Don’t know what you will see along these roads.


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The pictures look fimiliar. Wish we were with you. Take your time and enjoy. Bob & Linda T.