Saturday, May 28, 2011

May 17,2011

   Today we began our adventure north of the border. We have been parked in Kalispell Mt. at an Elks club for a week. Carol & Ev arrived yesterday and we made some preliminary plans. The gas station across the street had a dump station and since we had been park for a week with no sewer I went over to check it out and found out the guy with the key wouldn’t be there until noon and we were ready to leave to we so we left without dumping. We were headed to Kootenay NP in British Columbia. They have a dump station so no problem. We had a very easy border crossing. A few questions and that was that. It was a very small border crossing and there was no facilities to convert some cash so we’ll just stop in a bank. Carol called Kootenay and was told they were doing construction there so they wouldn’t be open until June 1st so we decided to stop at Dry Gulch a Provincial park. It’s a small but scenic park. Only 9 of the 26 sites are open. We couldn’t figure out why they close most of the park since there is no facilities here, just a few pit toilets. Not even a dump station which we will need soon. Both of us had trouble negotiating the turn at the top but we made it. Tomorrow we’re off to the nearby town of Radium Hot Springs to soak in the hot spring. We will post when we get to a WiFi location

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Gloria Card said...

Those pictures make me think of every verse of America the Beautiful. Just gorgeous.