Saturday, September 6, 2008

Rainy Day.

Yesterday I talked about all the hot weather. Well, today it's raining. It's coming down steady, but not to hard. We thought maybe we could get to the soccer game, but then the rain started and we stayed home. I lifted the bed and started to sort things out. We had hopes of fitting a small folding table under there, but to no avail. I found a place it fits nicely with the ironing board, so all is good. From there I went on to the linen closet, and on to the bathroom cupboards. I took out everything we haven't used this past year, and it either goes in the trash or to the house or whomever wants it.
Penn State comes on in a few minutes, so you know what we will be doing for the rest of the afternoon. WE ARE---PENN STATE. Go Lions!!!!
It is so quiet here. What a difference after last week-end. We went to watch Connor play at 10:00. It;s so funny to watch 6 year olds play. They all just run around after the ball. All in a little bunch. They only play about 5 minute quarters, so we weren't there long,and the game was over. Then home we came. I started to cook when we got back. I made my bacon-cheesy potatoes. They all like them. I also made hulushki with kielbasa. Yummy. Susan, our neighbor, brought some fillets, and there was also salads and desserts. Ed and Jane added the corn on the cob, and some of their Italian bread with toppings. We ate too much, of course. Sunday we had leftovers. Everything was just as good, if not better, the next day. Ed and Jane always are so nice about having get-togethers. They have a big area with a couple of picnic tables under cover in case it rains. Some folks left on Sunday night, and some left early on Monday.
Well, it's almost time for the game, so I'm off to sofa city. It's just so hard to hear with the rain on the roof. Good thing it's on TV.

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